Anti-Corporate started in 2000 by a bunch of friends. The idea was to be a collective of bands who support each other through show trading, helping release each other's music and cross promoting each other's projects.
The first release came out in 2001. Since then we have maintained our original stature of being less of a "label" and more of a "group of people releasing our own shit".
We don't do contracts, nor do we give "record deals" to bands. The philosophy is simple "You get what you put in." All the bands have an active roll in financing their releases. Afterall that's the way the music industry works. We just do it without the pipe-dreams of being rockstars. All of the money made goes back into future releases, advertisement, distribution, etc.

Thanks for checking out our stuff. We hope you enjoy it. We worked really hard for this.

-The Anti-Corporate crew.